Episode ll Summary 02

Later, the berserk Zohar brought about a space-time anomaly that pulled Miltia into the Abyss.

Miltia was lost. Flashing forward 15 years from that event brings us to the present.

T.C. 4767. After stopping the fall of Proto Merkabah the Elsa landed safely on Second Miltia. Shion, Jr., and the others temporarily split up to attend to their respective tasks.

Shion headed to Vector’s Second R&D Divsion to turn over KOS-MOS. Jr. and the others headed for the U.M.N. Control Center to analyze the Y-Data that slept within MOMO.

Finally free from their previous danger, Jr. and the others relaxed. But the mobile weapon team led by Pellegri attacked Momo once more. to protect Momo, the group ran into the city, but the enemy forces attacked them without hesitation and their escape routes were cut off one-by-one. They were saved from their predicament by Canaan in the E.S. Asher.

Meanwhile, Shion finished handing over KOS-MOS and was reunited with her brother in the city. Shion felt a mix of emotions upon unexpectedly seeing her brother again, and was unable to be honest about her feelings. The events of the Miltian Conflict 15 years earlier had built a wall between them.

The next day, with the cooperation of the Durandal crew, the analysis of the Y-Data began. As the representative of the Contact Subcommittee, Juli arrived at the Control Center in oreder to be present at MOMO’S analysis procedure.

Momo rejoiced at seeing Juli again, but Juli held a complex mix of emotions regarding MOMO, who had been constructed in the image of her late daughter. Juli welcomed the arrival’s of Jr.s’s group, but was unable to hide her troubled feelings toward MOMO, the Realian girl who viewed Juli as her mother.

The analysis procedure was expected to go smoothly, but a trap set by Albedo was triggered, and the Y-Data began to leak out.

Juli and the other tried to prevent the exposure of the data, but their desperate efforts proved futile, and the Y-Data continued to leak out. Observing the situation from the depths of her own consciousness, MOMO shattered her own mind to sever the external link, to stop the data flow, and protect Juli and Joachim’s legacy.
But her action had a great cost, and all of MOMO’s functions shut down.

Juli’s desperate treatment barely managed to prevent MOMO’s complete shutdown, but her mind had been shattered, and her consciousness would not return.