An analysis of Xenosaga EPISODE I, II, & III
The decode of Xenosaga World Structure

01. What kind of connection is there between the Upper and Lower Domains?
02. What kind of connection is there between the Imaginary and Real Number Domains?
03. What kind of existence is U-Do?
04. Why did U-Do consume the Original Zohar?
05. What were the Gnosis?
06. Does a Realian’s consciousness exist in the Imaginary Number Domain?
07. Is there some kind of connection between the Collective Unconscious and the UMN?
08. Why was there Contact with U-Do through the UMN Organic Transference Experiments?
09. What were the Zohar and Zohar Emulators?
10. What was Lemegeton?
11. What kind of Phenomenon is the Matter Shift?
12. What was “Gnosis Terrorism”?
13. Why will the Universe End Up Collapsing?
14. What is the Universe’s Failsafe?
15. What are Anima and Animus?
16. What was chaos?
17. What is the Maiden of Maria?
18. What is Eternal Recurrence?
19. Why did Wilhelm aim for Eternal Recurrence?
20. What are the “Necessary Factors” for Eternal Recurrence?
21. What kind of Existence is Testament?
22. Why were the ESs Necessary for the Awakening of the Vessels of Anima?
23. What was “Program Canaan”?
24. What is the Difference Between KOS-MOS and T-elos?
25. What is Rennes-Le-Chateau?
26. What was Ormus?
27. What was the Miltian Conflict 15 years ago?
28. What was the Y-data?
29. What is God?
30. What was Dimitri Yuriev Aiming for?
31. What were the URTVs?
32. What was Shion Searching for?
33. What was Kevin Aiming for?
34. What was Virgil Aiming for?
35. What was Albedo Aiming for?
36. What was Voyager Aiming for?
37. What kind of Organization is Scientia?
38. About how far in Range was the Region that Disappeared?
39. What is the Connection between Nephilim and Abel?
40. Why was Maria’s Power Transferred over to Nephilim?
41. What will Become of the Future that Rejected Eternal Recurrence?

42. Character Correlation Diagram, at the start of Episode I
43. Character Correlation Diagram, Before and After the Miltian Conflict
44. Character Correlation Diagram, at the start of Episode II
45. Character Correlation Diagram, from the Start of Episode III to before the Ending


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