14. What is the Universe’s Failsafe?

Born from the Collective Unconscious, the power of Anima possesses the “failsafe function of the universe”. Whatever kind of thing is that? With regards to the collapse of the universe, what kind of situation does the Failsafe indicate?

(1) chaos, who is the Failsafe that exists for the sake of the safety of the entire universe; and Wilhelm, who exists for the sake of protecting the lower domain (DS-version)

<<What is a “Failsafe”?>>
When consciousnesses of rejection– those that desire dispersal– exceed critical mass, the imaginary number domain collapses, which causes the collapse of the real number domain and, as a result, leads to the collapse of the entire universe, swallowing up the upper domain. This is the universe’s desperate, dangerous situation.
When a breakdown or error is produced in one part of a system, a “failsafe” is the function that keeps the effect from spreading to the entire system. It is for the sake of ensuring safety.
In other words, it is thought that the Failsafe is the system that keeps a problem produced in one section of the universe from spreading its ill-effects to all the world.
If that’s the case, then it is thought that the function of the universe’s Failsafe is something for the sake of avoiding the collapse of the entire universe, including both upper and lower domains.
[Refer to section: 01, 03]

<<Function of the Failsafe>>
The fact that the consciousnesses of people refuse to unify with the Collective Unconscious even to the point of wishing for the dispersal of the Collective Unconscious itself, from the point of view of the entire universal system, is the abnormal situation that deviates from what should be the natural form. The correction or removal of this abnormal situation before the ill-effects are spread to the entire body of the universe is the function of the Failsafe.
Frankly speaking, the Failsafe is the function that eliminates the lower domain.
Before the whole universe is caused to collapse, it is just the lower domain that is eliminated in a way that won’t swallow up the upper domain. This can also be called the initialization of the lower domain.
The upper domain contains many lower domains. It is easy to understand when thought in this way: that parallel-world type lower domains exist. The collapse caused by the dispersal of the Collective Unconscious, due to its destructive damage, swallows up the upper domain as well. But the Failsafe by the power of Anima keeps damage such as that from occurring by eliminating only the one lower domain where the abnormality originated. Because of this, the upper domain will survive, and so also will other lower domains. In this way, the collapse of the whole universe can be averted.
The removal of one section in order to protect the entire system of the “universe”; that is the universe’s Failsafe.
[Refer to section: 01, 02, 05, 13, 15]

<<Intention and Ability>>
It is chaos who possesses the function of the universe’s failsafe, but in no way does that mean he wants the lower domain to vanish like that. Still, it persists that the power of Anima that he possesses will end up activating it.
[Refer to section: 13, 15, 16]


13. Why Will the Universe End Up Collapsing?

With the Gnosisifying consciousnesses exceeding a critical threshold, what kind of effect does the scattering of consciousness exert? What kind of situation is indicated by the “collapse of the universe”? The “consciousness of the universe going berserk”? If the Failsafe were not to work, what kind of situation would befall the universe?

(1) Gnosis, which are the rejecting consciousnesses themselves who are the source of the cause of the universe’s collapse. Due to the Gnosis exceeding critical numbers, the Collective Unconscious itself will end up collapsing. (Ep1)

<<The Scattering of Consciousness and the Collapse of the Universe>>
Consciousnesses of rejection arise in the imaginary number domain of the lower domain. The direction of those consciousnesses is to disperse, refusing to integrate with the Collective Unconscious. Those consciousnesses turn into Gnosis within the imaginary domain.
Up to a certain fixed amount, the consciousnesses of the imaginary domain are maintained by the cohesive power of the Collective Unconscious. However, when the pull of the rejecting consciousness exceeds a critical point, it surpasses the cohesive power of the consciousnesses in the imaginary domain, and becomes a power that fragments and disperses all consciousness. This is similar to a nuclear fission reaction. Right when a critical point is exceeded, a violent chain reaction is generated and it explodes with overwhelming destructive power. In other words, because the rejecting consciousnesses cross a threshold, the cohesion of consciousness in the imaginary domain shatters. It is the scattering of the Collective Unconscious, and as a result, the imaginary domain collapses. Because the lower domain exists with the imaginary and real number domains in a complementary relationship, the collapse of the imaginary domain also causes the collapse of the real domain.
Furthermore, the entire universe isn’t something that consists of only the lower domain; it is something that includes the upper and lower domains. And so, the collapse of one domain exerts an effect onto other domains. Which means: the collapse of the imaginary number domain in the lower domain causes the collapse of the real number domain in the lower domain, so that there is the possibility that the resulting collapse of the entire lower domain will also cause even the upper domain to collapse. That is the spread of the collapsing energy.
This is the worse-case scenario of the “Collapse of the Universe”. The collapse of the universe doesn’t just mean only the spatial-universe {‘outer space’} that can be recognized in the real domain; it also involves the upper domain. It means the destruction of all existence.
[Refer to section: 01, 02, 05]

<<U-Do and a Vision of the End>>
Those who come into contact with U-Do are, without exception, implanted with a vision of the End. It is a vision of the ultimate end where everything collapses, including both the upper and lower domains. It is destruction at such an overwhelming scale that a human, who crawls like a worm within the real number domain of the lower domain, cannot contend with it by their own individual power. And so, there is a personal feeling of helplessness against it; fear towards an empty future; and meaninglessness of living. Such a negative formation is what it sprouted by the vision of the collapse of the universe.
The phenomenon of this collapse is not something that is caused by U-Do. People who desire rejection are the cause of that such collapse phenomenon, and U-Do is only observing, wanting to understand the consciousness of those people.
However, coming into contact with U-Do through its process of observation, the consciousness of a person fears that vision, and rejecting that fear, they desire dispersal to escape from fear. By trying to escape from U-Do which lurks in the depths of the UMN and observes the heart of the Collective Unconscious, the consciousness of a person ends up trying to escape from the Collective Unconscious itself. That very thing also accelerates the rejection of human consciousness, and it facilitates the dispersal.
Through the moebius-like circle of cause and effect, the universe is facing dispersal. Thus, the universe’s collapse has already become unavoidable.
This is the very reason that the Failsafe is trying to run.
[Refer to section: 01, 02, 03, 04, 08, 14]

12. What was “Gnosis Terrorism”?

Gnosis Terrorism was caused by Grimoire Verum. What was Grimoire’s purpose? How did the terrorism occur? And how did it quiet down? An outline of the incident and its criminal profile are explored.

{captions, page1}
(1) Jin Uzuki, who was investigating Gnosis Terrorism. (MY)
(2) Through the investigation of Gnosis Terrorism, Shion withdrew from KOS-MOS’s development and resigned from Vector. (MY)
(3) Scientia’s Doctus (MY)

{captions, page2}
(1) Jin and Scientia’s Doctus (MY)
(2) Grimoire and his daugher Nephilim in the era of Lost Jerusalem (MY)
(3) Doctus possessed enough knowledge and fighting power to even destroy KOS-MOS’s drive system. (MY)
(4) Shion and the destroyed KOS-MOS (MY)
{translator’s note: This last caption is completely wrong. The picture is of Grimoire dissipating as Almadel is rejecting him. (MY)}

<<An Overview of Gnosis Terrorism>>
After the closing of the local matter shift that Albedo caused in the Miltian space region, a new kind of damage frequently occurred due to Gnosis appearances that were clearly different from the Gnosis phenomenon up to that point.
This new Gnosis phenomenon had the following peculiarities:
First, the point of attack was limited to city areas. Then, the Gnosis that had appeared were said to have suddenly vanished after a certain amount of time had passed.
Gnosis do not move in cooperation. They display a disorderly aggressiveness, and they don’t perform any kind of systematic activity. Those were supposed to have been the essential characteristics of the rejecting consciousnesses of Gnosis.
[Refer to section: 05]

<<Grimoire Verum>>
The very person lurking in the UMN and manipulating the events from the background was Grimoire Verum. Grimoire was the person in the era of Lost Jerusalem who deciphered Lemegeton, which had been left behind as an ancient document, and wrote the Lemegeton program.
Using his Program Lemegeton, a link experiment with the Original Zohar in the era of Lost Jerusalem was performed, and as a result, a matter shift was generated, and mankind had no choice but to escape from the Earth.
Afterwards, Program Lemegeton ended up being scattered all throughout the UMN.
Although Grimoire had become an existence of the imaginary number domain, he had not been swallowed into the Collective Unconscious. He lurked for thousands of years in Ars Nova, a place that was sealed in the deepest part of S-Division, the highest security level within the UMN.
[Refer to section: 02, 07, 10]

<<Grimoire and Nephilim>>
The first test subject of the link experiments with the Original Zohar using Program Lemegeton in the era of Lost Jerusalem was Nephilim. That Nephilim was, in fact, Grimoire’s very own daughter.
While wishing for the return of his daughter who had vanished into the imaginary number domain, Grimoire endured in loneliness at the innermost depths of the UMN for thousands of years. And to resurrect Nephilim, he caused Gnosis Terrorism in order to secure the little girl Almadel, who would become her vessel.
In order to capture Almadel, Grimoire used the power of the fragments of Lemegeton, and manipulated the Gnosis.
As a result, because the appearances of Gnosis were concentrated on city areas, and many ordinary citizens became sacrificed, the incidents came to be called “Gnosis Terrorism”.
Grimoire’s purpose, however, was not terrorism. It was to secure the little girl Almadel who would be the vessel for Nephilim’s resurrection.
[Refer to section: 02, 05, 09, 10]

<<Gnosis Terrorism and Scientia>>
Having received a request from Juli of the Contact Subcommittee, Jin was assigned to the investigation of Gnosis Terrorism. And when it was discovered that the little girl Almadel, whom Grimoire was searching for, was one of the only 4 Transgentic Type Realians that Mizrahi had manufactured, Shion also accompanied him as an anti-Gnosis combat advisor.
Meanwhile, Scientia, an anti-UMN underground resistance organization who thought that the truth was in the UMN, was also tracking the incidents.
Each side disputed over the little girl Almadel. Scientia’s Doctus was someone who possessed enough combat power and android knowledge to even destroy KOS-MOS. This was something that evidenced Scientia’s high technological power.
Later, Jin began to join with Scientia in order to help Shion whose consciousness had been swallowed into the depths of the UMN.
[Refer to section: 37]

<<UMN and Vector>>
Although the UMN Control Division had become independent from Vector, it was still under the influence of the CEO, Wilhelm.
Ars Nova, the innermost depths of the UMN where Grimoire lurked, was under Vector’s control. The UMN was related to the Gnosis appearances. And KOS-MOS, who must have been on the Dammerung at the time of the Gnosis battle in Ars Nova, made a dive and rescued Shion. Because of those three points, Shion harbored mistrust for Vector.
[Refer to section: 07]

<<Shion, Jin, and Almadel>>
During his investigation of the Gnosis Terrorism, Jin secured custody of Almadel. At that moment, Almadel saw Jin’s face and became alarmingly frightened. On the other hand, when Almadel was turned into Gnosis by Lemegeton at Ars Nova, she sacrificed her own life for the sake of her memory with Shion.
These were both connected to memories from 15 years ago. Almadel and Shion had met on Miltia 15 years ago.
Shion had come to visit Almadel in Labyrinthos’s Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility after Almadel had been used in an agonizing experiment by Shion’s father Suou.
Although Almadel had not met Jin, he looked very much like Suou, and so she had become frightened.
All of the past has an effect on the present, and it is uninterruptedly connected so that the future may be formed.
[Refer to section: 27]

<<Shion’s Resignation>>
The UMN was connected to the Gnosis appearances. Because the UMN was under Vector’s control, Shion held strong misgivings about the organization that she herself belonged to, and so she quit Vector, aligning herself with Scientia, and began to act in order to search for the truth about Vector’s purpose and her father on Miltia 15 years ago.
[Refer to section: 27, 37]